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Kobwa X7 IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Best Fitness Tracker

Tracker the best fitness tracker is digital world and Kobwa X7 IP67 Wristband fitness trackers is the great tracker that has lot of feature that make your daily life activity too first as you want & here describes some feature that’s need able for you.This best fitness tracker is the great tracker that can easily remote your HR beat and gives you accurate performance as you want.This tracker can easily count your steps as well as walking, running; cycling etc. and you will get perfect result and keep you active.


This smart best fitness tracker wristband with OLED screen that  show time date, calls notification with cool vibration that to remind you and it also have function such as step gauge, distance, calorie consumption that you done in a day.This smart wristband fitness tracker is so gorgeous that make you overall smart with your wrist, with favorite colors that you choose.This best fitness tracker is free to heavy weight and its too lightweight that make you very comfortable to use it, for that there is no chance to doubt about uncomfortable.


This device has great technology that give you useful advantages with Ceramic Chip Antenna with Bluetooth 4.0 and suitable for Android 4.3 or higher gadget and iOS 7 or Plus and its relative apps are available in the digital apps stores that easily combined with your device.It’s nice to cool water resistance so for that you can easily use it @ your daily rough uses and for better life time it’s suitable to avoid @ shower and swimming or diving.



This smart best fitness tracker gadget is made of softer, durable, environmental top TPSIV with high grade aluminum buckle for that there is great opportunity for its lasting time and with it you can test static and dynamic heart rate as well as your daily fitness activities and it ensure your activity and active performance and above all we wanna say  that for better life performance to keep our body fit we need take proper care our health and this fitness tracker can help you to get your desired goal about health fitness and thanks to stay with us and Have a good day with us(